Film and Television

Genius Media’s Los Angeles TV and feature film development team (includes an Emmy winner, experienced producers and cutting-edge program and platform developers) have the talent and connections to take a television or a feature film idea, turn it into an awesome package and then pitch it to producers, studios and networks. We are not agents – we are principals working directly with content sources to develop TV series and films with real potential to get made.


Let’s say that you have a successful Indie book series on Amazon. You’ve sold thousands of books and built a nice brand. Your readers regularly tell you, “Your books should be made into films.” You have no idea how to make that happen. We step in and write a script (a feature film script or a TV pilot script), a story arc (for TV shows), synopsis and a pitch deck. Then we get to work on pitching this project to producers, studios and networks.

Our model requires that content sources pay for the expenses of getting the project ready to pitch. While this is not inexpensive, we charge far less than other firms (we can give you a list) who are paid upfront to develop TV and feature film projects. Why do we charge less (something like 50% to 80% less)? Because we only take on a small number of projects that we believe in and passionately support.

Our expertise paired with your powerful content creates a force that gets noticed in Hollywood. Developing a new TV or film project is a high risk/high return endeavor. No one should engage in a TV or film development project with us (or anyone else for that matter) without being financially and emotionally able to deal with a negative result. All of our clients are fully aware of the risk and incredibly hard work involved in making a dream become a reality. That said, there has never been a time when content for scripted TV and feature films was in higher demand than it is today. Studios, networks, and producers are literally starving for great new ideas. If a TV show or film is made and becomes a hit, the sky is literally the limit on potential income.

We are often asked, why not just get an agent? Isn’t that what agents do, get film deals for authors? Youcan walk down this road, but if you do know the facts. Most agents (90% plus) are only looking for “low hanging fruit.” By that, we mean agents want to rep projects that have a large built-in audience, that are easy to sell. We are looking for the best ideas out there and while the literary world may love and appreciate your characters and stories, Hollywood has yet to hear about them. To make this type of project fly, you need a fantastic script, arc and deck, and you need passionate pros who simply will not take no for an answer to reach the Promised Land. That’s Genius Media.

If you hit it big, why give the lion’s share of the money to nameless Hollywood execs? Using our model, you keep 70% of your show and you maintain total control over the development process – nothing happens without your approval. These are your characters, your stories – who better than you to present them to a new, visual audience? It’s your hard earned money and your precious dreams at risk, so why not be in the driver’s seat?

Scroll down to drop us a line and tell us about your TV series or film idea. We are particularly interested in developing successful novels into scripted television series. We will take a quick look at your content and let you know if we think that there is a potential fit. After we talk, if everything looks good we will introduce you to our team and give you a quote for our services that includes interest-free financing over several months. Our work schedule is packed, but we do have an opening for a television series and/or a feature film development project beginning in July of 2018. After we fill that slot, we will not have openings until the first quarter of 2019, at the earliest.



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