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Bestseller Blast


On a specific promotion day, we promote your book on various book promotion websites, blogs, on our proprietary platforms and social media. The goal is to produce a large surge (over a few days) in downloads and eBook buys. We use two of your KDP free days per promotion. In 2017, we had multiple titles in multiple genres sell more than 1000 books per eBook promotion (promo day plus 90 days). In 2017, we had multiple authors in multiple genres see increases in their KENP page read income from 25% to 500% plus (promo day plus 90 days).

Constant Presentation Model

The Constant Presentation Model promotes an author's books more frequently at a smaller per-promotion scale in order to achieve a more constant and sustained rate of sales and page reads. For the same price as the Bestseller Blast promotion, the Constant Presentation Model offers two smaller scale promotions rather than one, full-scale promotion. The Constant Presentation Model is recommended for authors with five or more books.






Bestseller Premium


In between our Bestseller Blast promotions, clients who opt for this package get the Blast promotion plus constant advertising on Facebook, Book Bub, Twitter and other social media for their book(s). The net effect of this advertising is to increase overall sales, increase KENP page read income and create a steady flow of sales and KU downloads between Blast promotions (one Blast promo can be done every 90 days).

Please see our Results page for screenshots of actual 2017 promotions. We have been promoting eBooks for over four years. Each year – indeed each month – we find ways to improve what we do. We keep our costs as low as possible and pass on that savings to our clients. We NEVER lock our clients into anything other than one promotion at a time – you can promote as many times as you like, but you are never obligated to do so.

We are happy to discuss the pricing and terms for these promotions with you. Send us an email; we will take a look at your book(s) and, if we feel you are a good fit for our services, we will get back to you with a price, references and detailed plan of action.



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