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March 13, 2018

GENIUS MEDIA is a boutique media company. We offer specific eBook promotion and print book and film project development services to an ever growing list of successful creatives. Most of our new clients come to us through referrals from existing clients. We do target select authors and filmmakers and reach out to them directly. If you are a creative and we have reached out to you, our team has seen something in your work that makes us think we can help you sell more books or make new and better films.



Our client list is proprietary and, unlike every other eBook promotion company you will find on the net, we do not insult your intelligence with canned and hyped testimonials. Many of our clients are happy to speak with new candidates one on one. If we talk and we both believe that Genius Media can help you achieve your eBook promotion goals, we will provide multiple, personal referrals who will tell you all about us.



You will not find a Genius Media services and fee schedule on this website. Our eBook promotion packages are competitively priced and have a multi-year track record of producing meaningful results. If you’re new to the Indie Fiction author business and you are building a brand we can help you, if your content is solid. If you’re a NY Times/USA Today level Indie Fiction author, we can increase your ROI. If you are debuting a non-fiction book and building a personal brand, our Los Angeles and New York teams bring top-tier public relations and print book distribution expertise to your project at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.



We are always seeking potential partners to develop television series, scripted or unscripted. We are also interested in developing Indie feature film projects. Our Los Angeles based film team has decades of experience in screenwriting, television and film production, Indie feature production and feature film production and distribution.



The best part of my job is meeting new creatives. I’m a novelist, screenwriter and producer – a kindred spirit. If you have great content – books or film/TV series ideas – please reach out. It may take us a few days to respond, but we answer every email. If we can help you, we will tell you so quickly and with all of the details – cost and logistics.



Wid Bastian


Wid Bastian



Founder and President of Genius Media

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