Author Testimonials 

"When I was contacted by Genius Media, I was unsure if they’d be able to deliver. Wid’s communication style eased my concerns. Genius offered me direct contact with current author clients that answered my questions truthfully and without hesitation.  My promotion day proceeded exactly as Wid had predicted – except I sold more books! My page reads doubled and remain high. I’ve even received letters from readers who were pleased they’d found me through Genius Media’s promo.  I was delighted in all aspects of this process, especially with the ease of communication. I’d recommend Genius Media to any author."


Judith Lucci, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of the

Alexandra Destephano Medical Thrillers & Michaela McPherson Crime Series

No matter how good a book might be, it doesn’t sell if readers don’t know of it.  Genius Media has been a godsend in getting my works to those readers.  The team at Genius Media has conducted two promos for me focused on building my brand, and both have increased my readership base.  I expect to work with Wid, Cam and the rest of the teams for the next several years.

Kwen Griffeth, Award-winning author of The Tenth Nail

Wid’s team at Genius Media have done a phenomenal job promoting the Fuzed Trilogy. We’ve run six promotions to date. The first took the sales from barely breathing to bestseller. More importantly, for every dollar spent, the promotions have generated 6 dollars in real sales (net profit). They’ve also maintained Amazon technothriller bestseller status for months at a time and doubled reviews sustaining 4.8 of 5 stars. Obviously, results will vary depending on the type of book, etc., but I’ve worked with other book publicists and have never had these results. Wid and his team are a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the book’s ranking and the return on investment.


David E. Stevens, Award-winning and best selling author of the "Fuzed" series

Marc Rainer, Bestselling Author of the Jeff Trask Crime Novels



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