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How much does your eBook promotion service cost?

A Bestseller Blast costs less than $1500. We can promote for you every 70 days or so. We also offer promotion packages that include daily Facebook, Book Bub and other social media advertising – these social media ad packages are only effective if you have five or more books available for sale on Amazon. For USA Today/NY Times Bestselling authors, we create custom promotion packages designed to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and brand building.

What do you do when you promote my book?

We create a thick “promotion soup” designed to maximize your book’s visibility to your target readers. The soup’s base is book marketing websites - we have over ninety approved vendors – some work better for Thrillers, others are more effective for Sci-Fi, some are good at promoting Romance, etc. Also, we engage book blogs, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. We Search Engine Optimize (SEO) all aspects of our authors’ book pages and profiles – keywords, genres, book descriptions, Amazon Author Central – so that when readers are looking for books like yours they land on your Amazon book page. There is more to our “promotion soup” – we do not openly discuss all of its ingredients.

How does the Genius Media promotion process work from set up to promo?

From the date that we sign and fund a promotional contract with an author, it is usually 70 to 90 days before the promo happens. Why the lag time? Many of the sites and blogs we use to promote books are booked 70 to 90 days in advance. Plus it takes time to complete all of the SEO work described above.

How many eBooks will I sell with one of your promotions?

For well-branded authors, we regularly achieve sales in the range of 400 to over 1000 plus eBooks sold per promotion. For unbranded authors, 200 sales plus on a first promotion is typical. KENP (Amazon page read income) also rises per promo, usually significantly. Check out the RESULTS page of our website. Past results are the best indicator of future performance.

Does Genius Media offer any guarantees on its promotions?

Yes. We guarantee that on every promotion we run, your book will be exposed to thousands of new readers and it will be presented in a way as to maximize eBook sales and KENP page read income. We do not guarantee a minimum level of eBook sales. Why? Because no one can predict what human beings will buy on any given day. That said, we do offer verified promotional eBook sales data to our clients – found on the RESULTS page of our website. Past results are the best indicator of future performance.

Do I have to be a Kindle Unlimited Author (KU) to use your service?

No, but 95% of our clients are KU authors. Why? The vast majority of all Indie authors are better off on KU in terms of financial return, as opposed to Wide (listing their book(s) on iTunes, Nook, etc. as well as on Amazon). We use KDP free days as a standard part of our promotion package.

Is Genius Media owned by or directly affiliated with Amazon?

No, we are an independent company and have no direct ties to Amazon, but we do work with them on a daily basis. While no one knows everything, our staff is well versed in most subjects related to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Terms of Service, how to post, modify and position eBooks for sale on Amazon,

How many of the authors who you promote make money, have a positive return on investment (ROI)?

This question must be answered in two parts. For new authors – authors who are either debuting a book or have less than five books available for sale – a positive ROI is usually achieved after promotion number two or number three. eBook promotion is a form of advertising. Advertising is not free, but advertising must eventually lead to positive financial returns or, by definition, it is not effective advertising. Building an author brand takes time and money. We believe that our promotions are the most cost-effective way for a new Indie author to build a brand. Please look at our RESULTS page for unbranded authors to see typical promotion results.

For well-branded authors – authors who have 5 plus (usually ten plus) books available for sale on Amazon and have been writing and promoting their work for three years or more – our goal is to achieve a positive ROI from the first promotion onward, and most of the time we achieve this goal. Please look at our RESULTS page for well-branded authors to see typical promotion results.

Why don’t you post author testimonials on this website?

When you see author testimonials on other book promotion websites, be cautious about believing those testimonials whole cloth. Many of those “testimonials” are simply paid for ads. We provide every potential author client with the opportunity to correspond with multiple authors who we promote. So, we do offer client testimonials - just on a one on one basis, not publicly.

I’ve heard that Genius Media gets these great eBook promotion results because you cheat and use bots and click farms. Is that true?

Absolutely not. We do not use any vendor for our promos who has been identified by Amazon as violating their Terms of Service (TOS) or who we believe might be violating Amazon’s TOS. We don’t need to cheat to get great results. Violating Amazon’s TOS is a sure way to get yourself banned as an author from KDP, or worse. We do take full advantage of every legitimate method of attracting readers to books – we are aggressive. That said, we never intentionally violate Amazon’s TOS – period, full stop.

Does Genius Media promote both fiction and non-fiction?

We promote both fiction and non-fiction. For non-fiction books, we offer a print/eBook/PR package that is highly effective at building an author’s brand regionally and nationally. Our fees are a fraction of what you would pay a New York or Los Angeles PR firm (television bookings, radio, podcasts, editorial reviews, etc.) and we get real results much quicker than the majors do. If you want to know more about this program, reach out to us for more information.

I see that Genius Media develops film and television series projects. Are the authors you promote included in this film and television development program?

Yes. As of Spring 2018, we are developing and promoting to producers and networks two dramatic television series based on books written by our author clients. For more information on this topic, please click on the FILM AND TELEVISION section of our website.

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